Male testicles are suspended in a pouch of skin called the scrotum. Some FTM patients want a scrotum constructed for a passable appearance, or because having a scrotum is part of their desired self-image.

SCROTOPLASTY in Mexico is the creation of a scrotum, expert accomplished by hollowing out the labia majora, inserting silicone implants, and linking to the labia to create a single scrotal.

Other techniques becoming increasingly popular for the scrotoplasty procedure are the creation of a scrotal sac from donor tissue or by fat that is garnered from the pubic area and transplanted into the constructed scrotal sac.

Procedure for Scrotoplasty

During the scrotoplasty procedure in Mexico, tissue expanders are inserted in the labia in order to progressively stretch the skin for the insertion of permanent testicular implants.

Testicular implants are inserted inside the labia majora to stimulate the testicles and are surgically linked to the two labia to create a scrotal sac.

Benefits of Scrotoplasty in Mexico

Testicle implants used during the scrotoplasty procedure in Mexico gives FTM patients an appealing satisfaction and enables life in the male role by more closely resembling the male appearance.

Performed by a world class Mexican plastic surgeon, Scrotoplasty in Mexico creates a natural appearance for FTM bottom surgery patients.


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