Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure some MTF patients undergo in order to supplement breast development they endured with hormone treatments.

Breast augmentation creates more volume and an additional attractive shape and firmness. Female breasts are one of the resilient gender indications and can help make the entire body be perceived as female.

It allows you to enjoy social life and intimate moments with more confidence. Breast augmentation is one of the most requested procedures in the world and has the highest satisfaction rate.

Breast Augmentation Defined

Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, BREAST AUGMENTATION involves using implants to fulfill your desire for fuller breasts or to restore breast volume.

When choosing breast augmentation in Mexico you can choose a breast implant fill: saline or silicone. You must also choose whether the breast implant surface is textured or smooth, and whether the breast implant shape is round or anatomical.

Advantages of Saline

  • What happens if they rupture? The filling is embraced by the body and eliminated naturally by it. Within an hour, it becomes evident that volume is lost and it is a sign that the implant needs to be replaced.
  • What happens if the implant leaks through outermost layer? It will not lead to capsular contraction because it will be metabolized and eliminated naturally by the body.

Advantages of Silicone

  • Cohesive for endurance. If the outer layer of an implant ruptures, the filling will not leak. It would remain unabridged, without any division.
  • Does not lose volume.
  • Natural to the touch.
  • In the past, the filling could leak through the outer layer and cause capsular contracture. Today, these leakages have been reduced to a minimum thanks to the cohesive properties of the filling.

Even though the outer layer of all breast implants is made of flexible silicone, it is still classified as smooth or textured, according to its features.

Smooth Implants

  • Surface is not jagged.
  • Shell is thinner and resistant.
  • Less palpable.
  • Since they slide better, they are easier to introduce through the small incisions that the surgeon makes during the surgery.

Textured Implants

  • Surface is rough and irregular.
  • May reduce cause of capsular contraction.

Procedure for Breast Augmentation

Cosmetic breast surgery in Mexico gives you a lot of individualized options and up-to-the minute surgical methods and modern breast-implant technology.

Breast augmentation is executed by inserting a breast implant behind the breast or behind the breast and chest wall muscle.

Breast Implant Placement

  • Subglandular or above pectoral muscles
  • Partial submuscular or moderately behind muscles
  • Complete submuscular or entirely behind muscles

Breast Implant Incisions

  • Under breast (inframammary incision)
  • Around nipple (periareolar incision)
  • Arm pit region (transaxillary incision)
  • Navel area (transumbilical or TUBA incision)

Recovery Stages

During your breast augmentation in Mexico the skin and breast tissue are stretched and disconnected, the implants are inserted by means of incisions. As a result, pain and swelling are fairly common after breast augmentation with breast implants. This can regularly be controlled with prescription pain medication and ice packs.

Maximum swelling usually occurs at 48 hours and gradually recedes, but may last up to three or four months after your surgery. An athletic or support bra can help reduce this swelling. The surgeon in Mexico may prescribe antibiotics to reduce your risk of developing an infection. Take these as directed for as long as directed, completing the full course of the medication.

Scars are typical after breast augmentation, but they are trivial and inconspicuous. Your surgeon’s goal is to make them as unnoticeable as possible. Scars are based on the incision pattern used for your surgery.

The full results of your breast augmentation won’t be observable for many weeks. Revision breast augmentation is an option if you are not satisfied with the look or size of your new breasts, but allow yourself time to heal before even thinking about undergoing surgery again. Most surgeons suggest waiting a minimum of three to six months for full results.

Risks and Side Effects

Breast augmentation can be a multifaceted surgery, and complications can possibly occur. More invasive surgery can mean more risk, and longer breast augmentation recovery time.

Risks may include: Infection, Asymmetry, Bottoming Out, Capsular Contracture and Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation in Mexico

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Mexico. Many MTF patients enhance the appearance of their bust lines with implants.

If you are thinking breast augmentation in Mexico, you have many decisions to make in regards to size, incision pattern, implant placement, implant type and whether you also need a breast lift — however your qualified surgeon in Mexico can help you comfortably initiate your breast augmentation journey without any difficulties.


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