MTF Surgery Recovery and Aftercare Instructions

It is significantly important to get rest during your recovery from MTF surgery. Your body is in the process of healing. Listen to your body and don’t overexert yourself.

At two or three weeks after surgery, you will notice your strength levels beginning to return, but do not be desirous to enlist in strenuous activities.

You will experience some degree of bruising and discoloration around the surgical area. General swelling of the entire surgical site is a typical result, and may take 6 weeks or longer to completely subside. If you experience an upsurge in swelling along a suture line combined with confined pain, redness, warmth, or a discharge from a suture site, seek medical help immediately.

The Healing Begins

Everyone has a different tolerance to pain, changing position from lying down to standing up will cause a sharp increase in pain. This is caused by blood accumulating in the lower part of your body due to gravity. This sensation will decrease as healing progresses.

You should assume a variation of fluid discharges during the first few weeks of recovery. You will see small amounts of blood and plasma (a clear yellowish fluid) on your pads. Another discharge that is quite common is dead tissue from various areas in the surgical site.

Due to the complexities of GRS surgery, it is unavoidable that some nerves will be injured or severed. This can lead to areas of numbness or tingling in and around the surgical site. The vast majority of these areas will recuperate normal feeling as the nerves regrow, but the course may take up to a year.

You will be undergoing a sudden change in hormone levels, and for some MTF patients this can result in sudden and unpredictable mood swings.


Good hygiene is critical to prosperous recovery. This means keeping the surgical site clean.


It is time consuming, generally uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. But next to hygiene, it is the single most important thing you can do to insure the achievement of your surgery. Failure to dilate properly can result in serious injury, or disappointment to achieve adequate depth and width of the vagina.

Follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding the frequency of dilation. The goal is to be able to reach full vaginal depth (this varies according to the individual) without unwarranted discomfort.

Sexual Response

Sexual response is solely dependent on your individual desire and results. Some MTF patients recover sensation quickly while other can take many months.

Genital surgery relocates tissue and nerves, so it may take time to meticulously explore your new anatomy.

It is important to be patient in your new role. Love and appreciate your own magnificence and unique character.




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