Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Power organizations for GRS in Mexico emphasize a high value on professional position, academic credentials, and clinical expertise.

MTF patients may find it encouraging and helpful to get a detailed outline of exactly what to expect from their surgeon in Mexico.

Every GRS individual is different, so the results for one patient may not be what you will experience so it is imperative to ask questions.

Questions to Ask your MTF Surgeon

1. What is your experience with SRS?

2. How long have you been performing MTF surgeries?

3. How many MTF surgeries have you performed?

4. What are the most up-to-date techniques?

5. What technique would best suit me, and why?

6. How much pain can be expected? What are my options for pain management?

7. What can I expect as I recover?

8. How will my body look and feel after surgery?

9. Do you offer revision if I am not happy with the results?

10. Do you have before and after photos?

11. Am I ready?



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