Neck lift

Neck laxity is one of the first signs of aging. Over the years, gravity stretches the tissues of the neck and only a neck lift (platysmaplasty) can put them back into place. Typically, neck lift is combined with a facial implants since they complement each other flawlessly. However, many times it is done alone, when the neck begins to require attention before the face does.

  • It also adjusts your muscles and skin to the new, reduced bones shape acquired with a facial feminization surgery.
  • It tightens the skin and muscles that have become lax due to aging or to an inherited trait.
  • It eliminates the excess fat of the neck and double chin.

When the laxity is related to a receding chin bone that gives too little support to the neck soft tissues, the best results are obtained in combination with a sliding genioplasty that lengthens forward the supporting bony frame to which the soft tissues are attached.

It is an ideal complement to face lift (rhytidectomy). When it is done together with brow and forehead lift surgery and eye lift surgery (blepharoplasty), it completely rejuvenates the face and neck

Neck Lift Defined

Neck lift surgery in Mexico corrects the excess fat of the neck, and depending upon the degree of laxity, a neck lift can modify and tighten the underlying muscles and connective tissue as well as tighten the loose, sagging skin in FFS patients.

Neck lift produces more definition of your face, accentuation of your jaw line, and a more youthful appearance.

Procedure for Neck Lift

During your neck lift surgery in Mexico the surgeon makes an incision consisting of two sections: a vertical section behind each ear and a horizontal section of about 2 inches parallel to the hairline of the back of the head. In some cases, it is necessary to make a small incision under the chin and/or a liposuction of the double chin to obtain better results.

Working through these incisions, the surgeon tightens the muscles and the skin of your neck and pulls them up to give your neck a more youthful look. The excess skin is cut out and closed up with sutures.

Recovery Stages

Most FFS patients will be able to go back to work 10 days after the surgery. During the first 48 hours, you will need to rest and be careful not to move your head tersely. The treated area may be numb for some months. You will leave the operating room with a bandage around your head and the treated areas of your neck. The surgeon will remove it 24 hours after the surgery.

The bruises may remain for about 2 weeks. Cold compresses will help reduce the bruises and swelling. During some days, you will have to sleep with your head elevated.

Risks and Side Effects

Every surgery contains potential risks, however, it is very unlikely for a neck lift to present any complications when performed by a qualified surgeon in Mexico.

Risk may include:

  • Furrowing of the skin.
  • Infections may develop but, if you take the right antibiotics, they will be less likely to develop.
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia.
  • Hypertrophic scars or keloids (excessive scar tissue due to genetic traits of certain skin types).
  • Bruising
  • Seromas or fluid accumulation beneath the skin.
  • Sensitivity alterations, such as numbness of the earlobe.

Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery in Mexico

The neck lift procedure is performed, most often in conjunction with a facelift, producing rejuvenation of the face and neck together. The underlying muscles are tightened, and excess skin is trimmed producing a sharper more youthful neckline.

Up-to-date neck lift techniques performed in Mexico produce a more sculpted jaw line and a more youthful appearance.


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