Eyelid Lift

Eyelid lift surgery in Mexico creates a more youthful and rested appearance of the eyes or widening of visual fields if excessive upper lid skin has partially blocked vision. It will not remove or erase all wrinkle lines but will typically soften wrinkle lines.

Eyelids are a key feature of the face; they have a great impact on the overall face’s expression.

  • It refreshes and rejuvenates the look by correcting those traits that contribute to make you look older and tired, such as the “bags” on the lower eyelids and sagging upper eyelids.
  • It removes eyelid puffiness caused by excess fat inside the eyelids.
  • It improves the sight by trimming down the upper eyelids when they droop too much and interfere with the vision

Eyelid Lift Defined

Also known as blepharoplasty, EYELID LIFT surgery improves the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. It gives a rejuvenated appearance to the surrounding area of your eyes, making you look more rested, feminine and alert.

Procedure for Eyelid Lift

During your eyelid lift surgery in Mexico the surgeon makes the incisions along the natural folds of the eyelids for resulting scars to be disguised. On the upper eyelids the incision is done along its natural folds, and on the lower eyelids it is done just below the eyelashes.

In some cases, the incisions extend some millimeters beyond the corners of the eyes. Working through these incisions, two in each upper eyelid and three in each lower eyelid, the surgeon removes the excess fat that accumulates beneath the skin and trims the excess skin of the bags that give the eyes that sagging and tired look. The incisions are closed with stitches.

If you have bags but you don’t need to have any skin trimmed, the surgeon may do a transconjuctival blepharoplasty. In this procedure, the incisions are made inside the eyelids and they leave no visible scars, but it is necessary for the skin to be thick, firm and elastic, so it is generally indicated for younger patients.

Recovery Stages

After your eyelid lift procedure is completed, lubricating ointment and cold compresses may be applied, and in some cases your eyes may be loosely covered with gauze.

Initial healing may include some swelling, bruising, irritation or dry eyes and discomfort that can be controlled with medication, cold compresses and ointment. Irritation at the incision sites also is possible. All sutures are self-absorbing.

The recovery period for eyelid surgery is relatively quick, ranging from around 7 – 10 days.

While eyelid surgery can be expected to correct certain conditions permanently, you will continue to age naturally. Life-long sun protection will help to maintain your results.

Risks and Side Effects

Every surgery has certain risks, and should not be ruled out. However, it is very unlikely for a blepharoplasty to present any complications when performed by a qualified Mexican surgeon.

Risks may include:

  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia.
  • Infections may develop but, if you take the right antibiotics, they will be less likely to develop.
  • Hypertrophic scars or keloids (excessive scar tissue due to genetic traits of certain skin types).
  • Some patients may find it difficult at first to close their eyes when sleeping. But this is usually temporary.
  • Ectropion – This happens when too much skin was trimmed and the lower eyelid turns outwards revealing the underlying tissue. This can be corrected in a second surgery.
  • Sometimes, the eyelids remain wide open for a few days, in a very unnatural way. In general, this tends adjust itself as time goes by, and the eyelids acquire a more natural position as the tissues relax.
  • If too much fat is removed from the lower eyelid, the eyes may look “sunken”

Benefits of Eyelid Lift Surgery in Mexico

The results of eyelid lift surgery in Mexico will appear gradually as swelling and bruising subside to reveal a smooth, better-defined eyelid and surrounding region, and an alert and rejuvenated appearance.

Your final results will appear within several weeks, but it may take up to a year for incision lines to fully refine.

The benefits of eyelid lift surgery in Mexico can help improve the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both, and give a rejuvenated appearance to the surrounding area of your eyes.


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