Skin Grafting

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. First techniques involved with vaginoplasty procedures often used split skin grafts; at times this became invariable and susceptible to the development of scar tissue or undesirable shrinkage.

Although various surgeons still employ these skin grafts to supplement the penile skin, a more modern method involves the use of scrotal tissue, and is technically termed ‘peno-scrotal inversion’.

SRS Surgeons in Mexico use variants of the technique dependent on the amount of penile skin available. In many MTF patients it is essential to complement this material with scrotal skin or by means of a full skin graft.

Skin Grafting Defined

SKIN GRAFTING is a type of graft surgery encompassing the transfer of skin. The transplanted tissue is called a skin graft.

For an MTF SRS patient, skin from the penis is predominantly used (penile inversion) and combined with skin from the scrotum (testicle sack), however in some male to female patients an insufficient amount of penile and scrotal skin is available to produce a satisfactory neo-vagina, which ultimately leads to a skin-graft.

Procedure for Skin Grafting

Though Penile Inversion is widely regarded as the preferred method of male-to-female GRS, various techniques of skin grafting can also yield satisfactory results in Mexico.

Full Thickness Skin Graft

Excess or loose skin from the tummy, hip area or groin is added to the penile and scrotal skin. The donor site for the graft will leave a linear or horizontal scar.

These grafts implicate both layers of the skin. Full-thickness grafts are more complex than partial-thickness grafts, but deliver enhanced form, natural color, and less shrinkage at the grafted site.

A full-thickness graft is removed from the donor site with a scalpel rather than a dermatome. After the surgeon has cut around the edges of the pattern used to determine the size of the graft, the skin is lifted with a special tool and fatty tissue is trimmed. The graft is secured in place with absorbable sutures.

Split Thickness Skin Graft

Skin is removed from the thighs or buttocks and is added to the penile and scrotum skin. The bandage covering the donor site will dry out and detach approximately two weeks after surgery. Labia are created from scrotal tissue, and the urethra is shortened and averted to resemble to normal female anatomy.

The cosmetic surgeon in Mexico prepares the wound by rinsing it with saline solution or a diluted antiseptic and eradicates any dead tissue.

Penile Skin Inversion

This technique involves using the skin covering the penis to construct the vagina, as well as the skin covering the scrotal; this outcomes a satisfactorily deep and functional vagina as desired by MTF patients.

If after the scrotal skin graft, the vagina depth is still not satisfactory to the patient the cosmetic surgeon will consider using skin graft from other areas such as the upper arms or the stomach region to further upturn the depth of the vagina.

Recovery Stages

Recovery from vaginoplasty skin grafts typically concerns the incision site for the grafting. Adhesive strips will be used to bring the edges of the wound together and promote healing. It is normal for the incision area to be red. It is also common to see or feel the knot in the stitches at the end of the incision.

Typically recovery from skin grafting in Mexico inhibits any exercise or activity that stretches the graft or puts it at risk for trauma should be avoided for three to four weeks.

Risks and Side Effects

The risks of skin grafting include those inherent in any surgical procedure that involves anesthesia. These include reactions to the medications, bleeding, and infection.

The tissue for grafting and the recipient site must be as sterile as possible to prevent later infection that could result in failure of the graft. The most common reason for graft failure is the formation of a hematoma, or collection of blood in the injured tissues.

Detailed risks of vaginoplasty grafting are the risks of post-operative vaginal stenosis and pulmonary embolism from deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Benefits of Skin Grafts in Mexico

World-class surgeons in Mexico remain committed to the goal of skin grafts — ultimately allowing for adequate amounts of skin to achieve suitable vaginal depth or length. Grafted skin in Mexico can be used from the lower abdomen, buttocks, or a form of Repliform.

The chief benefit of skin grafts in Mexico affords MTF patients enjoy the desired deeper vagina they wish to have.


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