Penile Inversion

Penile Inversion is a male to female GRS technique involving inverting the skin of the penis to create and beautify the vagina. The advantage of penile inversion in Mexico contributes to a relatively simple procedure.

This technique for sex change patients in Mexico is carried out by world-class SRS surgeons in an up-to-date setting.

Penile Inversion Defined

PENILE INVERSION is a surgical method for genital transition surgery used to construct a neo-vagina from a penis.

  • Penile Skin Inversion (PSI) is typically for a longer penis (greater than 6 inches)
  • Penile Skin Inversion (PSI) with Scrotal Skin Graft (SSG) is typically for a medium size penis (2-6 inches)
  • Penile Skin Inversion (PSI) with Sigmoid Color Graft (SCG) is for a smaller sized penis (less than 2 inches)

Procedure for Penile Inversion

Penile Inversion procedure is extensively regarded as the chosen method of male-to-female GRS, and is widely performed in Mexico with satisfactory results.

The surgeon in Mexico removes the spongy tissue from inside the penis and inverts the skin. An opening is created between the rectum and the urethra for the lining (penile skin or skin grafts). Skin grafts can be used to provide additional depth; the scrotum has also become a major source. The scrotal remnants are reshaped to form the labia.

The urethra is trimmed to the appropriate passable length, and a clitoris is created from the glans of the penis or other sensitive tissue.

Recovery Stages

After the penile inversion surgery in Mexico, it is necessary to dilate regularly to prevent the neo-vagina from shrinking. This requires inserting a dilator or dildo into the new vagina, and applying steady pressure for extended periods of time.

The MTF bottom surgery patient will have surgical gauze placed in the vagina, to retain the tissues in their proper locations for about five days while healing proceeds. The patient will also be catheterized typically for seven days to allow the urethra to heal.

The neo-vagina will produce a significant amount of natural lubrication, though fluid may be produced from the urethra during arousal, and some form of lubricant is usually essential for sexual intercourse.

Risks and Side Effects

Risks of MTF bottom surgery using the penile inversion method include infection, post-operative bleeding, recto-vaginal fistula, partial or complete flap necrosis, vaginal or urethral stricture or stenosis, prolapse of the neo-vagina and unsatisfactory size and shape of the neo-vagina, clitoris, or labia.

Decreased erogenous sensation is a potential risk of vaginoplasty.

Benefits of Penile Inversion in Mexico

Penile Inversion is a dramatic and irreversible step in male to female gender transition. The benefit of penile inversion in Mexico provides MTF patients a life-saving and life augmenting miracle.

MTF bottom surgery patients in Mexico can live a full and blissful life afterwards.


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