Colon Surgery

The increasingly popular recto-sigmoid colon surgery is an innovative and more invasive technique of vaginoplasty where a section of the sigmoid colon is used to create the neo-vagina as an alternative to skin grafts.

Mexican surgeons have recently been advocating a laparoscopic approach to this operation which does not involve extensive scarring.

Colon Surgery Defined

Sigmoid Colon or Colon Cut Vaginoplasty is a procedure in which a section of the recto-sigmoid colon is used to be transplanted into vaginal tunnel as to produce exceptional vagina depth.

Procedure for Colon Surgery

Recto-sigmoid colon surgery is ideal for revision vaginoplasty (secondary colon vaginoplasty) to restore efficient vaginal depth.

The bowels are arranged routinely and the MTF patient is placed in a lithotomic position. The plastic surgeon and team members in Mexico typically take a concurrent abdominal and perineal approach. An abdominal incision is employed for penetrating the abdominal cavity. Nearly 20cm of the sigmoid colon is isolated.

The remaining ends of the colon are anastomosed by a one layer closure. The colon opening is glided down through the previous constructed tunnel for suturing to the vaginal opening. The end of the colon segment is closed using non-absorbable sutures. The abdomen is closed without drainage.

Recovery Stages

During your recto-sigmoid colon surgery recovery, MTF patients in Mexico will experience pain and minimal swelling that is easily controlled by medication and typically will subside in one to two days. Dressings have been applied by the surgeon and will be replaced a few days later. Sutures will be removed within a week of surgery.

Although the surgical team in Mexico has made grand efforts to keep scars as inconspicuous as possible, they are the inevitable result of surgery. The healing process may occur for weeks or even months following surgery. Dilation will instructed by your surgeon during follow-up visits.

Risks and Side Effects

The risks of recto-sigmoid colon surgery include:

  • Post-operative bleeding or Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Wound healing problem
  • Recto-vaginal fistula
  • Partial or complete flap necrosis
  • Intra-vaginal hair growth
  • Hypertrophic scaring

Benefits of Colon Surgery in Mexico

Reported benefits of recto-sigmoid colon vaginoplasty in Mexico afford MTF bottom surgery patients a self-lubricated and deep neo-vagina.

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