With the different methods available today for clitoral construction, it has become possible to construct a clitoris that is both realistic-looking and sexually sensitive.

Since the nerves of the glans in a male are analogous to the nerves of the clitoris in a female, the technique produces a natural sensitivity in MTF bottom surgery patients.

Today, surgeons in Mexico are also able to construct a natural-looking labia and clitoral hood. This is not only cosmetically anticipated but beneficial to the patient’s comfort and genital protection.

Clitoroplasty Defined

CLITOROPLASTY indicates that a small portion of the glans is preserved by maintaining attachments to its nerve and blood supply. This then functions as the neo-clitoris. Clitoroplasty surgery is also utilized in non MTF patients to eliminate part of the clitoral hood leaving the clitoral glans (tip of the clitoris) permanently uncovered.

This perseverance is designed to benefit and amplify a woman’s stimulation and provide a noticeable increase in orgasms.

Procedure for Clitoroplasty

The ideal method of clitoroplasty involves recollecting a small section of the penis glans entailed by its blood supply and nerves intact, and grafting this into an appropriate position above the urethral meatus.

This is technically denoted as the sensate pedicled clitoroplasty technique.

Recovery Stages

Recovery methods associated with clitoroplasty in Mexico allows MTF patients to resume light daily activities within the same day and may shower immediately following surgery.

Swelling is mild to moderate reaching its peak stage in two to three days and gradually dispersing over the next several weeks. Typically there is insignificant bruising if any at all and the stitches will dissolve within their own time. Sexual activities should recommence at your surgeon’s direction.

Risks and Side Effects

A number of risks and complications are related to clitoroplasty including excessive bleeding, infection, nerve impairment and numbness, scar tissue build up, and skin discoloration.

Patients should be attentive that pubic hair might grow under the hood despite depilation techniques before surgery.

Cosmetic surgery of the vagina is an substantial decision, educating yourself on all of the side effects is vital and should be meticulously conversed with your Mexican plastic surgeon or gynecologist to the fullest extent.

Benefits of Clitoroplasty in Mexico

Sex change surgical procedures, including bottom surgery is beneficial for MTF patients seeking highly affordable and comfortable stages on their transition journey.

Having your clitoroplasty surgery in Mexico affords you the most up-to-date and effectual techniques to serve the GRS community.


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