Buttock Surgery

Male-to-Female (MTF) patients look to buttock enhancement or reduction surgery if they desire shaping their buttocks to attain a naturally feminine appearance. The classical feminine silhouette features buttocks that are rounder and fuller.

Buttock enhancement can also emphasize hip shaping. At one time, buttock implant surgery was the leading procedure for enhancing the buttocks. Today, the most requested buttock augmentation procedure for transitioning patients is denoted as the “Brazilian Butt Lift”.

Hip and Buttock enhancement are a significant step towards possessing the perfect female composition.

Buttock augmentation in Mexico aids bottom surgery patients who are unable to develop their gluteal muscles, lack buttock fat, or simply want a better-contoured upper or mid-buttock area. The buttocks can be augmented either with your own fat or using an implant custom-designed specifically for your body shape.

Buttock Surgery Defined

Buttock implants are a popular procedure among those who wish to enhance their buttock appearance, shape and size. BUTTOCK ENHANCEMENT involves the surgical insertion of artificial body implants to create a larger, shapelier, and more sensuous bottom area.

MTF patients who wish to achieve an “hour glass” figure or are unhappy with the size of their buttocks can benefit from buttock implants. MTF patients typically have flat or poorly developed buttocks. This gives bottom surgery patients a chance to fit clothes better, feel more attractive, and boost their confidence.

Procedure for Buttock Surgery

During the buttock enhancement procedure in Mexico fat transplantation employs excess fat in other areas of the body (also called fat transfer and fat grafting. The procedure involves gently removing fat from your abdomen, back, hips, or thighs using liposuction. The strategic placement of these fat cells into your buttocks then creates a smooth, natural, fuller appearance. Fat transplants look and feel completely natural.

If a patient has minimal fat on the body, an implant may achieve the passable goal. This involves placing the implants into each buttock through an incision hidden over the tailbone.

The SRS surgeon in Mexico will place an incision between the buttocks or where the buttocks meet the thigh, 2- 3 inches in length. A round or oval shaped silicone implant will be inserted underneath the buttock muscles; in the middle of the external and layer of muscles.

The plastic surgeon in Mexico creates a pocket for the buttock implants. The incisions are closed, and a compression garment is introduced.

Recovery Stages

Recovery from buttock enhancement in Mexico highlights the significance of minimizing the tension at the suture site. Mild discomfort and tightness in the buttocks is common for the first 72 to 96 hours with most buttock enhancement procedures.

Following liposuction, fat injection, or implant placement, you are placed in a support garment. You should plan to wear the compression garment 24 hours a day for three to four weeks following surgery. This will help to lessen bruising and swelling as well as skin retraction and hold the shape of the buttocks.

The inner buttock incisions need daily care to keep them clean and dry until healed. You may take a shower 72 hours after the surgery. Also, with buttock implants, you need to meticulously clean your incision in the shower or with alcohol preps

For the first two weeks MTF patients should sleep on your stomach and/or side. This ensures that the tension on your incision line is minimized, and the pressure on the implant or the fat grafts is reduced.

Do not be alarmed when blood-tinged tumescent fluid oozes from the sites of a fat harvest or liposuction. This is a normal result of liposuction and usually stops within the first day. The surgeon leaves these tiny incisions exposed so that the liquid spills out, thereby minimizing bruising.

During the first week after surgery, you want to avoid activities that raise your blood pressure. This could cause bleeding at the operative site, which could result in a hematoma (collection of blood).

Risks and Side Effects

All forms of cosmetic surgery carry a degree of risk and a potential for complications. Therefore, you should consider it as seriously as you would any major surgery. Also note that augmentation with implants carries a much higher rate of complications as compared to a fat injection.

Another potential complication is the possibility of the implants shifting and causing the results to appear asymmetrical. It is rare, though possible, that the implants may also rupture or break.

Risks also include surgical anesthesia, unfavorable scarring, bleeding, wound dehiscence, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary complications.

Benefits of Buttock Enhancement in Mexico

For MTF patients considering buttock enhancement in Mexico, attaining fuller, rounder buttocks in a dream come true.

Buttock enhancement in Mexico gives you a shapelier, sexy, hourglass figure.


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