Male to Female (MTF)


Male to Female (MTF) includes a broad field of individuals; not just transsexuals, but anyone who was assigned male at birth and who identifies as female, feminine, or a woman some or all of the time. Some non-transsexuals in the MTF spectrum (androgynous people, drag queens, bi-gender and multi-gender people, etc.) who may also want to undergo MTF surgeries, and may not identify or live as women.

If you’re considering MTF or Female to Male (FTM) sex change surgery in Mexico, you most likely have many questions and concerns. Gender Reassignment Surgery MTF (male to female) is employed to create a conceivably normal appearing and performing vagina, by providing clitoral and vaginal responsiveness permitting satisfactory sexual intercourse, and reshaping the male contour into a form with the appearance and functionality of the female genitalia.

Gender reassignment surgery (SRS) for MTF patients is contingent on prerequisites (the referral of mental health professionals and surgical procedures which have been approved as appropriate by mental health professionals who have diagnosed and documented each individual case).

To achieve MTF sex change goals, many meticulous phases are necessary that involve time, persistence, and expertise.

Why Choose MTF procedures in Mexico?

Mexico clinics offer up-to-date surgical centers, advanced urgent care, advanced diagnostics, pathology, and MTF specialists.

Surgeons in Mexico are leaders in new FFS procedures and world-class MTF technology.



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