Breast Surgery

Chest surgery is the most communal surgical procedure sought by FTM patients.

Testosterone inclines to bulk up muscles and condense fat. This will slightly change the shape of your chest, but testosterone will not make breast tissue disappear permanently. However, FTM top surgery in Mexico can eliminate breast tissue.

BREAST REMOVAL (MASTECTOMY) removes part of breast tissue to make the chest smaller. If you only desire a smaller chest but not the complete appearance of a male chest, you should consider breast reduction in Mexico instead of chest reconstruction. Getting a reduction affects your options for reconstruction, so it is not recommended that you have a reduction first if you are planning on getting reconstruction later.

CHEST RECONSTRUCTION removes all of the breast tissue and excess skin and alters the nipple and areola. It also removes the crease where the breast meets the chest wall.

Procedure for FTM Breast Surgery

The techniques used for chest reconstruction surgery for FTM patients: Keyhole, Drawstring and Mastectomy. The technique employed is dependent on the size of your chest, the elasticity of your skin, and your preference.


Small breasts with good skin elasticity may be removed with a minimum of incisions and subsequent scarring.


Medium sized breasts with good skin elasticity can most often be removed with a concentric incision which gathers skin and leaves a scar completely around the areola.

Mastectomy with Nipple Grafts

The mastectomy procedure should achieve more than just a flat chest: ideally, the subcutaneous mastectomy results in a chest which has an aesthetically pleasing male contour, is fully sensate and has minimal scarring.

A horizontal or U-shaped incision is created across each breast and nipple. The goal for the Mexican surgeon is to place the incisions just under the line of the pectoral muscles. The skin is peeled back and the breast tissue and excess fatty tissue are detached. The excess chest skin is trimmed and the incisions are closed.

Nipples are eradicated and trimmed to a smaller size and grafted onto the chest to approximate positioning of a “male” peck.

Benefits of Breast Surgery in Mexico

FTM top surgery in Mexico gives individuals the grand opportunity to reconstruct and embellish a male appearing chest.

As part of considering which technique to have, it’s imperative to cogitate in terms of balance between your desire or passable nipple appearance and sensation. The greater the change in regards to the size and position of the nipple, the less sensation you’ll have.

A balanced workout regimen that includes weight training to strengthen pectoral muscles before and after FTM chest surgery in Mexico will further implicate a more “masculine” outline.


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