Questions Your Doctor Will Ask You

As part of your initial consultation, your surgeon in Mexico will cover your health history and reasons for desiring Female to Male GRS.

During your consultation, your surgeon in Mexico will discuss the below information in greater detail, and come up with a surgical transition plan that fits your anatomy and meets your GRS goals safely and efficaciously.

FTM surgery can be inspiring and satisfying, but it is a time consuming process. Your surgeon is committed to exhausting all communication to get an understanding specific to you including:

What is your Physical State?

  • Personal Health History and Family’s Health History
  • Previous Experiences with Surgery
  • Physical Exam

Susceptibility to Any Complications Resultant of Surgery?

  • Heart Function and Blood Pressure
  • Blood Tests
  • Form and Size Of Tissue
  • Skin Quality and Elasticity
  • Nerve Function
  • Previous Scarring

What is your Outlook?

  • Do you have a clear mental picture of what you want to look like after SRS?

Additional Questions

  • Who is your Primary Care Provider?
  • Are you currently taking medications?
  • Do you currently Smoke/Drink?


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