There are two options for FTM bottom surgery patients for creating a penis — Metoidoioplasty and phalloplasty. Some FTM patients choose to have a phalloplasty after the metoidoioplasty procedure.

What Can I Expect From Phalloplasty

  • Creation of a sensate and aesthetically acceptable penis with sufficient length
  • Extension of the urethra to the tip of the penis
  • Safeguarding orgasmic capabilities
  • Minimal scarring and disfigurement

Procedure for Phalloplasty

There are various techniques used during the phalloplasty procedure; the most common involves removing a flap of skin/blood from the forearm (or other area). The flap is rolled up to resemble a tube within a tube. Microsurgery is introduced to attach the new penis to the groin (over the top of your clitoris).The end is surgically molded to appear as the head of the penis.

Tattooing of the head can be done 6 months later to help produce a visible line (vein) between the head and the shaft. A skin graft is taken from the thigh region to cover the grafted area on the arm.

Benefits of Phalloplasty in Mexico

Although phalloplasty is a multifaceted invasive surgery, FTM bottom surgery patients in Mexico can delight in an adult sized penis suitable for penetrative sex.

When performed by a highly-skilled surgeon in Mexico, phalloplasty gives FTM patients a sensate and passable appearing penis.




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