Metoidioplasty was developed in the late 1970’s to highlight fragmentary testosterone treatment in GRS patients.

METOIDOIOPLASTY also referred to as metaidioplasty is a less intricate procedure than a phalloplasty procedure (adult-sized penis), resulting in a smaller sensate penis.

Procedure for Metoidioplasty

By cutting the ligament that holds the clitoris in place just below the pubic bone, the surgeon in Mexico is able to create a small penis from the clitoris. The clitoris is unconstrained from surrounding tissue and moved forward on the body for a passable appearing penis.

In order to heighten the results, fat and skin can be eradicated from the pubic area; and pulled upward to allow the penis to the maximum size allowed during the metoidoioplaty procedure.

Metoidioplasty may also involve a urethral lengthening procedure to allow the patient to urinate through the penis while standing.

Benefits of Metoidioplasty in Mexico

FTM patients can benefit from metoidioplasty in Mexico as it consequences a natural looking, passable sensate penis.

Because the clitoris is made of erectile tissue, FTM patients can achieve an unaided erection when aroused. The metoidioplasty further benefits FTM patients in Mexico with minimal scarring.


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