Female to Male (FTM)


Female to Male sex change surgery includes a broad spectrum of individuals, including anyone who was assigned female at birth and who identifies as male, masculine, or a man some or all of the time. Some non-transsexuals in the FTM spectrum (androgynous people, butches, drag kings, bi-gender and multi-gender people, etc.) who may also want to undergo FTM surgeries and may not identify or live as men.

If you’re considering Female to Male (FTM) sex change surgery in Mexico, questions and concerns have most likely seized your mind.

Gender Reassignment Surgery FTM (female to male) is executed to reduce “female” characteristics and further aid the body in appearing more “masculine”.

Gender reassignment surgery (SRS) for FTM patients is conditional on prerequisites (the referral of mental health professionals and surgical procedures which have been approved as appropriate by mental health professionals who have diagnosed and documented each individual case).

To achieve your desirable FTM goals, professional expertise can be helpful to sort out your expectations about your male presence, and to work towards greater self-value.

Why Choose FTM procedures in Mexico?

Mexican surgeons offer commitment and dedication unparalleled to FTM patients and strive to remain at the forefront of the changes and new technologies with female to male surgery.


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